“I don’t always feel beautiful, but I always feel human, and maybe that’s my problem.”


     Empires have grown and burst in repetition for thousands of years. Alongside this waxing and waning of history sits figurative art. Women depicted by leering eyes, battle scenes in their ultimate glory, and jewel encrusted rulers curated out of agenda. Art has been traditionally curated by the top socioeconomic class and therefore its story telling becomes performative, gendered, and segregated. My work is an assemblage of the deconstruction of these belief systems. Wishing to put our spoken stories to war with these written histories. All in hope of helping change who is depicted in the traditional gallery setting. Each sculpture is embellished with collections of imagery stemming from organized religions and nature. Never overtly inflammatory, the figures present with an initial layer of placid beauty. The viewer is given the opportunity to unpack these symbolic gestures and objects at their own discretion.


     I am a hopeless romantic for the tenderness of figurative bodies. Both human and animal. I find divinity in the crooks of joints, the pillowing of flesh, the vulnerability of something so seemingly strong as bone. My humans are most often rawly feminine, pan-racial, and unashamedly present in their conversations with the viewer. My animals are relatable characters, used tongue in cheek to replace and and critique their human counterparts.


     Sculpting out of solid blocks of clay, I work from top to bottom, sans armature. I use the hardening of clay over time to create standing bodies. They are then hollowed and rebuilt prior to firing. The figures remain gestural, with sweeping applications of clay to describe muscle and movement. 


"2020 Sculpture National" April 2020, Clay Studio of New Orleans, New Orleans, LA.

"Beyond The Brickyard" February - April 2020, Archie Bray Foundation. Helena, MT.

"Miami Art Basel" December 2019, Aqua Art Miami. Miami Beach, FL.

"Wild Things" July 2019, CDCP Project Space. Pittsburgh, PA.

"Rose Colored Glasses" August 2019, Sweetwater Center for the Arts. Sewickley, PA.

Drawn From Nature” ​​April 2019, ​​Audubon Society​​. Greater Philadelphia, PA.

"A Woman's Voice Through ArtMay - June 2018, Erie Art Gallery. Erie, PA. 

"The Gist Street International Ceramics Bash” March 2018, James Simon Gallery. Pittsburgh, PA.


The Rust Belt Invitational” November - January 2017/18, Standard Ceramics. Carnegie, PA.


Workhouse Clay International 2017” August - October 2017, Workhouse Arts Center. Lorton, VA.


Drawn From Nature” April 2017, Audubon Society. Greater Philadelphia, PA.

"Nature: Surface, Form, Content" February - March 2017, The Clay Studio. Missoula, MT.


Open-ended” January - March 2017, Hygienic Art. New London, CT.

"Menagerie" May - July 2016, Baltimore Clayworks. Baltimore, MD

2015 Young Talent” January - April 2015, Washington Art Association. Washington, CT. 

"Living West" May - August 2015, Medalta Potteries. Alberta, Canada.

"Backroads" May 2015, Maryland Institute College of Art. Baltimore, MD.